E-Club 3310 The History

Rotary CyberClubs started as an initiative of RI President 2000-2001 Frank Devlyn.

The 2001 Council on Legislation adopted resolution which allowed RI Board to admit into membership, up to 200 clubs, with provisions in their Club Constitutions that were different with the standard Club Constitution and Bylaws.

The Board agreed to support a pilot project establishing Rotary CyberClubs (renamed Rotary E-Clubs) that would have innovative and flexible constitutional provisions. These Clubs were allowed to conduct activities through electronic communications.

In September 2001, RI General Secretary contacted Rotarians leaders who were involved with RI technology committees for information and ideas to be incorporated into a proposal for the Board’s consideration.

The first Rotary CyberClub under the “New Models” initiative was chartered in January 2002. This honour went to Rotary E-Club One of District 5450 http://www.rotaryeclubone.org

Rotary E-Club of 3310

Our journey began back in 2001, when then President Choy Kah Kin of Rotary Club of Bukit Timah, PDG Gerald Minjoot, the late PDG MG John and PP Chew Ban Seng (1st District Internet Communication Coordinator) met at Goodwood Hotel, Singapore, to discuss a possible framework on the prototype Rotary CyberClub for District 3310.

While we had very supportive District Governors (from PDG Abang Haji Nawawi onwards), it was not until PDG David Tong’s term that approval was finally given by RI for District 3310 to proceed as planned.

In our proposed Constitution and Bylaws, two unique features were incorporated in the prototype, namely,

  1. We had a hybrid model which required at least one physical meeting each month. This was done with two objectives – to maintain Rotary’s philosophy of Service through Fellowship, and for internal controls.
  2. We also included a non-voting “Associates” category for Rotaractors and full-time students. By providing this seamless integration, the assimilation into Rotary could become much easier.

Rotary E-Club of 3310 held its first provisional (physical) meeting on Friday, 21 May 2004 at OCBC Executive Club, hosted by PDG David Tong. After two such meetings, we were chartered on 15 June 2004 with 21 founding members.

We became the 8th CyberClub in the Rotary World and the 21st Rotary Club in Singapore.