E-Club of 3310 Charter Members

  PDG Gerald Minjoot, PHF (Honorary Member)
Resourceful and knowledgeable. Chairman, Foundation of Rotary Clubs (Singapore) Limited.

PP Hoe Boon Huat, PHF (Honorary Member)
An asset any Club should be proud to own. Totally supportive of E-Club 3310's cause.

  Chew Ban Seng (Classification: Stockbroking)
Fun-loving, optimistic and ever-ready to serve. His latest interests: Observing and understanding people!
  Shirin Rustom Ghadiali (Classification: Corporate Secretariat)
A precious few… being a Zoroastrian Parsee which is one of the oldest (Persian origin) religion in the world…
  Dr David Chung (Classification: Architecture)
A man of many talents, David is an architect, artist and lay minister all rolled into one!
  Susan Wong (Classification: Speakers Bureau)
A life long learner with a love for singing, reading, floral arrangements and public speaking.
  Talleah Teo (Classification: Printing Services)
Talleah seeks to rally people for a cause and to transform jobs into crusades!
  Arun Desai (Classification: Management Consultancy)
Solid as a rock with tons of experience for us to mine! Our E-Club's Fort Knox!
  Lim Lin Da (Classification: Entertainment)
Always innovative and creative when working with youths and the lesser privileged.
  Sugeng Sanusi (Classification: Telecommunications)
A pillar of strength when it comes to the Information Highway! A priceless asset!
  Tan May Yan (Classification: Health Care Services)
No nonsense. Direct and effective in bringing across a message to be shared.
  Jennifer Soen (Classification: Art)
An entrepreneur with a compassion for community work and an underlying "Let's have fun" message!
  David Jenkins (Classification: Financial Consultancy)
An Australian who loves the pace of life in Singapore… Brisbane is now a distant second.
  Edmund Chew (Classification: Logistics)
If you have never seen "Energy", let me introduce you to Edmund… He is boundless!
  Simon Loi (Classification: Computer Software)
Fervent, resolute and steady, Simon seeks challenges and to assist others whenever possible.
  Jeffrey Ong (Classification: Software Design)
Cool and even tempered, Jeffrey works doubly hard to ensure that our web portal performs 24/7!
  Roger Hoo (Classification: Publishing)
If writing is your passion, learn how to launch your successful book from Roger!
  Janet See (Classification: Human Resource)
While choir singing occupies her spare time, Janet harbours secret ambitions to read law!
  Dr Diana Young (Classification: Areospace)
In inspiration to woman entrepreneurs, Diana loves doing that little extra for people she meets.
  Dr Khong Chooi Peng (Classification: Professional Communication)
An exceptional lady, Chooi Peng inspires people to try harder and outdo themselves! Nothing is impossible…
  Sunil Sabnani (Classification: Furniture)
If you need to know about Russia, here is a man who has been doing business there! Sunil is about charity.
  P. Padman (Classification: Legal Practice)
A young ambitious lawyer who believes that the world owes no one a living. Padman is a go-gather!
  Poh Siew Whye (Classification: Banking)
A banker with a heart, time for the family and God! He flies frequently for his banking reconnaissances!