Gift of Festive Cheers

Tuesday, 10 January 2023 | View:

To support Spectra Sec School fund raising program for Financial Assistance Scheme students, we intend to purchase 200 cans of the festive biscuits from the school. These festive biscuits will be distributed to the following beneficiaries like Boys Town, Melrose Home, Society for the Aged sick and Moral Welfare Home bringing Chinese New Year cheers to them.

Each Home will receive 50 cans of the biscuits costing $10.00 per can. We hope to appeal to all of you to give your support by donating generously towards the purchase of 200 cans of these festive biscuits totaling $2,000.00 for this project. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Pls contact PP Richard Ong for your donation at 98151985

Thank you to all our generous donors for exemplifying Ideal of SERVICE -serving abd doing good for the community 🙏❤️

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